Malcolm in the Middle


A gifted young teen tries to survive with his dimwitted, dysfunctional family.
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S7E22 - malcome

Malcolm struggles with his speech when he's elected valedictorian of..

S7E21 - Morp

For the senior prom, Reese gets paid to take Janine, a studious girl..

S7E20 - Cattle Court

Reese meets a cute vegetarian named Carrie (Tara Lipinski) when he g..

S7E19 - Stevie in the Hos..

When Stevie goes to the hospital, Malcolm tries making up every excu..

S7E18 - Bomb Shelter

Malcolm joins a local dance class to impress a girl, but when she lo..

S7E17 - Hal's Dentist

Hal's friend Trey tells him to come to his dental office when he los..

S7E16 - Lois Strikes Back

When four popular high school girls play an evil prank on Reese by p..

S7E15 - A.A.

Lois and Hal visit Francis to help him celebrate one year of sobriet..

S7E14 - Hal Grieves

Hal gets a devastating phone call that his father has died, but beca..

S7E13 - Mono

Lois discovers she has mono after a visit to the doctor. She then en..

S7E12 - College Recruiters

A broke Francis gets talked into getting a real job by Dewey. Back h..

S7E11 - Bride of Ida (1)

Dewey, Lois and Hal go out of town to a piano competition; and witho..

S7E10 - Malcolm's Money

Malcolm begins to fuss about his high school yearbook photo. Malcolm..

S7E9 - Malcolm Defends Re..

Malcolm and Reese end up in the same class since Reese failed the pr..

S7E8 - Army Buddy

Reese's old army buddy, Abby (Larisa Oleynik) visits and she has fee..

S7E7 - Blackout

A power outage disrupts Lois and Hal's anniversary and reveals Malco..

S7E6 - Secret Boyfriend

Malcolm's in love with a hot and secretly brainy teen named Vicki (S..

S7E5 - Jessica Stays Over

Jessica moves in on a temporary basis and teaches Malcolm how to man..

S7E4 - Halloween

Hal begins suffering from insomnia after hearing that they purchased..

S7E3 - Reese vs Stevie

An angry Reese threatens Stevie, who dreads a retaliation; Dewey get..

S7E2 - Health Insurance

Hal finds out that the family has been without health insurance for ..

S7E1 - Burning Man

Malcolm and Reese's attempt to hitch their way to the annual festiv..

S6E22 - Mrs.Tri-County

The boys place Lois in the Mrs. Tri-County Beauty Pageant. Hal tries..

S6E21 - Buseys Take a Hos..

The Buseys, without Dewey, hold their teacher hostage.

S6E20 - Stilits

Lois forces Malcolm to hand out flyers on stilts at the Lucky Aide, ..

S6E19 - Motivational Spea..

Hal handles a motivational seminar.

S6E18 - Ida's Dance

Lois & Ida have to prepare for traditional festivities.

S6E17 - Butterflies

Reese raises caterpillars. Malcolm works the graveyard shift with Lo..

S6E16 - No Motorcycles

Francis asks Hal to complete a promise he made to him as a child, bu..

S6E15 - Chad's Sleepover

Dewey's friend, Chad (Cameron Monaghan), visits, and shows that he i..

S6E14 - Ida Loses a Leg

An accident makes Ida one-legged. Dewey wants to make a memorial out..

S6E13 - Tiki Lounge

When Hal and Lois discover that they barely have any time to talk to..

S6E12 - Living Will

A neighbor gives Hal power of attorney and he is forced to choose wh..

S6E11 - Dewey's Opera

After being moved to tears by watching an opera, Dewey tries to make..

S6E10 - Billboard

A questionable billboard is put up. Malcolm, Reese and Dewey try to ..

S6E9 - Malcolm's Car

Malcolm has his ups and downs with a used Plymouth Barracuda.

S6E8 - Lois Battles Jamie

Jamie battles Lois with devilish wiles that weaken her will to make ..

S6E7 - Hal Sleepwalks

Hal, after remembering previous anniversary blunders while trying to..

S6E6 - Hal's Christmas Gift

The family's broke and the boys are dispirited but Hal is determined..

S6E5 - Kitty's Back

Kitty (Merrin Dungey) returns after having done everything imaginabl..

S6E4 - Pearl Harbor

Hal goes into war with his neighbor for the Decor crown. Hal strikes..

S6E3 - Standee

Hal dumps a cat habitat with the garbage and inadvertently picks a f..

S6E2 - Buseys Run Away

After learning that Dewey will be leaving their class, the Buseys ru..

S6E1 - Reese Comes Home (3)

Reese ditches the army in Afghanistan.

S5E22 - Reese Joins the A..

The company uses Hal as a scapegoat, while Reese becomes a top-class..

S5E21 - Reese Joins The A..

The house goes crazy as Hal is falsely charged in a crime involving ..

S5E20 - Victor's Other Fa..

When Lois tracks down her father's "other family," she meets Victor'..

S5E19 - Experiment

When Dewey's annual candy selling event for school comes up, he uses..

S5E18 - Dewey's Special C..

Malcolm convinces Dewey to do poorly on an I.Q. test, so that he won..

S5E17 - Polly In The Middle

Hal sets up Abe Kenarben on a blind date with Jaime's babysitter Pol..

S5E16 - Malcolm Visits Co..

Lois tags along with Malcolm as he visits a college, but she's deter..

S5E15 - Reese's Apartment

Francis is determined to show his parents why they should not have k..

S5E14 - Malcolm Dates A F..

Lois blows her top over a hidden 15 percent ser charge in the bill a..

S5E13 - Lois' Sister

Lois' younger sister, Susan (Laurie Metcalf), pays the family a visi..

S5E12 - Softball

Malcolm is convinced to play softball by Lois and ends up doing very..

S5E11 - Ida's Boyfriend

Ida announces she's getting married at the same time Malcolm gets hi..

S5E10 - Hot Tub

Polly requests Malcolm's help in order to get her father ashes back,..

S5E9 - Dirty Magazine

Malcolm alerts the A.C.L.U. when he encounters censorship working on..

S5E8 - Block Party

Malcolm and his family come home early from their vacation find that..

S5E7 - Christmas Trees

Hal and the boys begin selling Christmas trees, but every time that ..

S5E6 - Malcolm's Job

Malcolm gets a job working for Lois on the drugstore loading dock bu..

S5E5 - Malcolm Films Reese

Mr. Herkabe tells Malcolm that his next project is about filming his..

S5E4 - Thanksgiving

Malcolm decides to skip to go to a party, but things turn out diffe..

S5E3 - Goodbye Kitty

When everyone finds out that Kitty and Abe are divorced, they decide..

S5E2 - Watching The Baby

Hal and the boys offer to watch baby Jamie so an exhausted Lois can ..

S5E1 - Vegas

When Dewey's pet rabbit does well in a state contest, the family mus..

S4E22 - Day Care

Now that the fifth child has arrived, Lois and Hal must find a way f..

S4E21 - Baby (2)

While Lois is in labor, the house is hectic, and Hal, desperate to g..

S4E20 - Baby (1)

Hal and the boys are at a bridal expo, leaving a very pregnant Lois ..

S4E19 - Future Malcolm

Leonard (Jason Alexander), a cynical, genius chess player with no fr..

S4E18 - Reese's Party

When Hal and Lois go out of town for a "last chance" getaway before ..

S4E17 - Clip Show #2

Clips from past episodes are interwoven with the current squabbling ..

S4E16 - Academic Octathalon

An academic competition faces the Krelboynes in an event Malcolm der..

S4E15 - Garage Sale

A garage sale that's entrusted to Reese (yikes!) yields treasures ne..

S4E14 - Hal's Friend

Malcolm tries to emancipate Dabney from his overbearing mother while..

S4E13 - Stereo Store

The boys are being babysat by a 16-year-old girl, Jessica, who the b..

S4E12 - Kicked Out

After Lois is out of town, Malcolm and Hal got into a fight leading ..

S4E11 - Long Drive

Lois knows that Malcolm is Nicki's boyfriend, so Lois gives Malcolm ..

S4E10 - If Boys Were Girls

After being rattled by a battle among the boys, a pregnant Lois pond..

S4E9 - Grandma Sues

Cloris Leachman returns in her Emmy-nominated role as the spiteful a..

S4E8 - Boys At Ranch

Hal and the boys (with Lois noticeably missing) go to Francis's dude..

S4E7 - Malcolm Holds His ..

After joining the basketball team at school, Malcolm soon finds hims..

S4E6 - Forbidden Girlfriend

Malcolm goes out to teach a girl trigonometry, but ends up falling i..

S4E5 - Forwards Backwards

Brotherly love is lost on Malcolm and Reese, now out to sabotage his..

S4E4 - Stupid Girl

Malcolm gets attracted by another girl, Alison, and Malcolm discover..

S4E3 - Family Reunion

Christopher Lloyd adds to his gallery of eccentric characters, playi..

S4E2 - Humilithon

Malcolm tries to get popularity now that he is at a new school, but ..

S4E1 - Zoo

Malcolm, whose frenetic home life is a kind of zoo, begins the fourt..


No description

S3E21 - Cliques

Krelboynes are forced to go back to the general school population, w..

S3E20 - Jury Duty

Lois gets jury duty and Hal tries to figure out what case she's work..

S3E19 - Clip Show

An embattled psychiatrist probes the boys' naughty behavior patterns..

S3E18 - Poker #2

When two sexy girls come to the boys' house, they find their opportu..

S3E17 - Dewey's Dog

After a dog follows Dewey to his home, he decides to hide it in the ..

S3E16 - Hal Coaches

Hal decides to make himself Dewey's new coach, but that brings troub..

S3E15 - Hal's Birthday

Francis arrives in time for Hal's birthday, along with his new wife,..

S3E14 - Cynthia's Back

Cynthia finally returns, but now in a very bad and angry manner. Whe..

S3E13 - Reese Drives

Reese finally gets the opportunity to drive, while being in his driv..

S3E12 - Company Picnic (2)

Hal must fake that he is a man that he is not, and in the end that e..

S3E11 - Company Picnic (1)

Juicy guest casting and ingenious plotting enliven an hourlong episo..

S3E10 - Lois' Makeover

Lois gets a makeover that instantly makes other employees look at he..

S3E9 - Reese's Job

Richie manages to get a job for Reese in a burger place, but when 00..

S3E8 - Poker

Hal is invited by Abe to go to play poker, but he is embarrassed wit..

S3E7 - Christmas

When Malcolm and his brothers destroy their tree ornaments, Lois pu..

S3E6 - Health Scare

When Hal's doctor discovers something suspicious during his routine ..

S3E5 - Charity

In an effort to contribute to society and to make her boys useful at..

S3E4 - Malcolm's Girlfriend

Malcolm has a new light in his life: a perky classmate named Sara (w..

S3E3 - Book Club

Lois goes to a book club to talk about a book, but later discovers t..

S3E2 - Emancipation (2)

Still reeling over Francis' break for freedom, Lois and Hal find the..

S3E1 - Houseboat (1)

It's still summer-vacation time on the jaunty third-season opener, w..

S2E25 - Flashback

During a pregnancy scare, Hal and Lois look back at the eventful bir..

S2E24 - Evacuation

Malcolm's family and scores of others are forced to relocate to a sc..

S2E23 - Carnival

Malcolm, Reese, Dewey, and Stevie decide to do a trick on their pare..

S2E22 - Mini-Bike

Malcolm, Dewey, and Reese find an old mini-bike that they quickly fi..

S2E21 - Malcolm vs. Reese

Malcolm and Reese are forced to be Francis' servants after he has an..

S2E20 - Bowling

An episode in which we see two different storylines, where we see wh..

S2E19 - Tutoring Reese

Malcolm tries to help Reese get better grades in order to prevent hi..

S2E18 - Reese Cooks

Hal forces Reese to cook to make him stay out of trouble, as Hal and..

S2E17 - Surgery

Malcolm complains about a stomachache and Lois takes him to the hosp..

S2E16 - Traffic Ticket

When Lois refuses to give a cop a free ice tea, she is sure that he ..

S2E15 - The Grandparents

Lois's nightmare parents, Victor and Ida, come for a surprise visit ..

S2E14 - Hal Quits

Malcolm becomes concerned with his future and his career. He takes a..

S2E13 - New Neighbors

Malcolm's family tries to become friendly with their new neighbours ..

S2E12 - Krelboyne Girl

There's a new girl in the Krelboyne class. Malcolm learns that his d..

S2E11 - Old Mrs. Old

After Malcolm breaks the arm of an old woman, he must turn into her ..

S2E10 - The Bully

Reese is suddenly the school hero when he joins the wrestling team, ..

S2E9 - High School Play

Malcolm gets a role in the high school play and is so captivated by ..

S2E8 - Therapy

Malcolm begins taking therapy, as he is being humiliated in his Krel..

S2E7 - Robbery

Lois and Craig get in trouble when armed-robbers come to the Lucky A..

S2E6 - Convention

Hal and Lois go to a convention, where Hal gets into a fight that st..

S2E5 - Casino

The family goes out to a weekend vacation to an old indian casino, w..

S2E4 - Dinner Out

Trouble comes when the Kenarbans invite the entire family to dinner ..

S2E3 - Lois' Birthday

When Lois gives the boys 0 each to buy her a present (and she evens ..

S2E2 - Halloween Approxim..

The boys are disappointed that Francis did not make it for Halloween..

S2E1 - Traffic Jam (2)

Hal, Loi, Malcolm and Reese are trapped in a horrendous traffic jam...

S1E16 - Water Park (1)

The family go out to a water park, where a battle between siblings a..

S1E15 - Smunday

The boys stay home from school when their mother thinks it's Sunday ..

S1E14 - The Bots And The ..

Malcolm and his Krelboyne classmates enlist the help of Hal for a sc..

S1E13 - Rollerskates

Malcolm is angry because during a game of street hockey, he sprints ..

S1E12 - Cheerleader

Reese becomes so head-over-heels for a girl on the cheerleading squa..

S1E11 - Funeral

The family gets ready to attend a relative's funeral, which affects ..

S1E10 - Stock Car Races

Malcolm is upset about having to dance in front of the school with t..

S1E9 - Lois vs. Evil

After the kids blow up the store's steam cleaner, and Dewey confesse..

S1E8 - Krelboyne Picnic

Disasters abound at a gifted kids' picnic, where stage acts bomb, fa..

S1E7 - Francis Escapes

Francis goes AWOL from military school and comes home to get togethe..

S1E6 - Sleepover

Malcolm sleeps over at Stevie's house and, appalled at his over-prot..

S1E5 - Malcolm Babysits

Malcolm's cushy babysitting job provides relief from the trailer the..

S1E4 - Shame

Parallel stories pit Malcolm against Kevin, a bullying, obnoxious ne..

S1E3 - Home Alone 4

Lois and Hal are spending the weekend at a family wedding, leaving F..

S1E2 - Red Dress

A battle of wits and wills ensues between the boys and their angry m..

S1E1 - Pilot

Perhaps the most original sitcom pilot in recent years, this first e..