How to Make It in America


"How to Make It in America" follows two enterprising Brooklyn twenty somethings as they hustle their way through New York City...

S2E8 - What's in a Name?

In the second-season finale, Ben wonders how to rescue CRISP and his..

S2E7 - The Friction

The uncertain future of CRISP is a touchy subject for Ben and Cam; R..

S2E6 - I'm SorryWho's Yosi?

Nancy helps Ben and Cam get a manufacturer for CRISP; Rachel writes ..

S2E5 - Mofongo

Ben and Cam turn on the CRISP charm with buyers from a Midwestern re..

S2E4 - It's Not Even Like..

Ben learns startling news about Rachel's romantic life at an out-of-..

S2E3 - MoneyPowerPrivate ..

Ben hopes a seemingly meaningless job for Nancy will lead to bigger ..

S2E2 - In or Out

Ben and Cam face a difficult choice between jumping off with an unte..

S2E1 - I'm Good

In the second-season premiere, Ben and Cam look for a way to market ..

S1E8 - Never Say Die

Cam suspects that Rene had something to do with the truck theft; Rac..

S1E7 - Keep on Truck'n

Darren offers to let Rachel and Edie design a hotel; Cam and Ben agr..

S1E6 - Good Vintage

Ben and Cam find it hard to meet Hidemi's quota; Rene gets advice on..

S1E5 - Big in Japan

Ben and Cam meet with a Japanese buyer; Rene tries to locate a pile ..

S1E4 - Unhappy Birthday

Ben takes Kaplan to a night club in an attempt to distract himself f..

S1E3 - PaperDenim + Dollars

Rene tries to buy out his marketing partners. Rachel rethinks her fu..

S1E2 - Crisp

Ben and Cam find themselves in debt again to Rene and search for inv..

S1E1 - Pilot

In the series premiere, Brooklynites Ben and Cam, decide to use thei..