Hollywood Heights


Loren (Brittany Underwood) a smart, shy and independent high school senior who has ambitions of being a songwriter and secretly sends her song lyrics to her celebrity crush, rock superstar ...
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S1E80 - The Final Concert

Loren senses Eddie at her concert and makes a quick change to her se..

S1E79 - An Unexpected Guest

While Loren’s getting ready for the concert, she comes face to fac..

S1E78 - Fresno

Max urges Loren to put her worry for Eddie aside and enjoy her big m..

S1E77 - Jetsetter

Kelly delivers some exciting news about Loren’s upcoming gig. Eddi..

S1E76 - Loren Confronts C..

Loren tries to get Chloe to admit the truth about her accident. Max ..

S1E75 - Loren Learns The ..

Loren learns the truth about Eddie; Chloe tries to remember what hap..

S1E74 - Escape

Loren does an interview from Eddie's penthouse; Max receives some pr..

S1E73 - A Message From Lo..

Loren plans to play a new song at the memorial concert; Adriana is i..

S1E72 - Loren And Kelly C..

Loren and Kelly disagree about Loren singing songs written by someon..

S1E71 - Max And Nora Goes..

Max and Nora search an Ojai gas station for clues; Tyler urges Chloe..

S1E70 - A Stranger Call

A stranger calls Max to deliver some mysterious news; Loren decides ..

S1E69 - Waking Up

Loren runs into problems in the recording studio; Chloe makes progre..

S1E68 - Seeing A Ghost

When Loren's classmates seek details about Eddie, Mel runs interfere..

S1E67 - Max Looks For Ans..

Max continues his relentless pursuit of answers; Jake seeks comfort ..

S1E66 - Bad News Travels ..

The news of Eddie's accident reaches his loved ones; Lily interrogat..

S1E65 - Missing

Loren and Max are worried when Eddie goes missing; Tyler holds a vig..

S1E64 - Eddie Demands Ans..

When Eddie demands answers, Chloe implicates Tyler; Max and Tyler ma..

S1E63 - The Text Spoof

Eddie and Kelly clash over the direction of Loren's career; Chloe pl..

S1E62 - Loren Talks Busin..

Eddie is concerned about Loren's meeting with a music producer; Phil..

S1E61 - The Mystery Texter

Loren finds the possible identity of the mystery texter; Eddie is su..

S1E60 - Loren Has Doubts

Eddie is disturbed by a mysterious phone call; Loren questions her p..

S1E59 - Tyler Blackmails ..

Tyler names a price for keeping Chloe's secret; Melissa deals with w..

S1E58 - Mixed Reactions

Loren and Eddie get different reactions to their concert performance..

S1E57 - If There Was No M..

At the concert, Eddie surprises Loren by pulling her on stage to per..

S1E56 - Tyler Collects Ev..

Everyone starts to get ready for the concert,as Loren recieves anoth..

S1E55 - Eddie's New Sound

Eddie plays some of his new material; Max and Nora take their friend..

S1E54 - Loren's Debut

Eddie and Loren prepare for their upcoming concert; Tyler plans to e..

S1E53 - Loren's New Look

Loren models for a photo shoot; Eddie agrees to star in Oz's next mo..

S1E52 - Eddie Helps Chloe

Chloe begs Eddie to meet with Osborne Silver; Loren gets a makeover.

S1E51 - Eddie's Inspired

Eddie begins to write more music; Melissa meets her Aunt Beth; a fam..

S1E50 - Nora Visits Max

Loren and Eddie spend time at the bungalow; Nora and Max grow closer..

S1E49 - The Beach Bungalow

Eddie reveals his feelings for Loren. Meanwhile, Max and Jake scold ..

S1E48 - Eddie Takes Off

Eddie heads to his dad's beach house to be by himself. Elsewhere, Co..

S1E47 - Loren Deals with ..

Chloe turns to Eddie for help and he obliges, making Loren feel unco..

S1E46 - Jake's Concern

Eddie's new music troubles Jake. Elsewhere, Chloe ignores her friend..

S1E45 - Chloe and Oz

Chloe is determined to turn her life around; Chloe meets with Oz; Lo..

S1E44 - Eddie Feels At Home

Eddie joins Nora and Loren for dinner; Adriana makes an unexpected d..

S1E42 - Eddie Explains Hi..

Tyler discovers the truth behind Chloe's hospital visit; Eddie opens..

S1E41 - Eddie Inspires Lo..

A night with Eddie inspires Loren; Nora is concerned about Loren; Ch..

S1E40 - Their Special Place

Eddie visits a special place with Loren. Meanwhile, Jackie uncovers ..

S1E39 - The Double Date

Eddie has a birthday dinner with Loren, Max and Nora. Elsewhere, Gus..

S1E38 - Eddie's Birthday

Eddie celebrates his birthday by writing a song with Loren Meanwhile..

S1E37 - Eddie's New Song

A rejected Chloe leans on Tyler. Elsewhere, Loren gets a visit from ..

S1E36 - The Paparazzi Photo

The paparazzi release a photo of Eddie and Loren. Adriana heats up a..

S1E35 - The House Party

Chloe follows Eddie to Loren's house party in the valley; Eddie and ..

S1E34 - The Collaboration

Loren and Eddie work on her song together; Chloe does a televised in..

S1E33 - Chloe Tries To Re..

Chloe shows up at Eddie's apartment, desperate to make amends; Phil ..

S1E32 - The Video Shoot

Eddie tries to put his personal issues aside while shooting his musi..

S1E31 - Eddie Learns The ..

Chloe's incriminating photo exasperates Eddie; Loren is ecstatic aft..

S1E27 - Eddie And Chloe M..

Eddie encourages Chloe to reconcile with Jackie; Eddie and Chloe mee..

S1E26 - Loren's Dilemma

Loren meets up with Eddie and makes a huge decision about her future..

S1E23 - Chloe's Jealousy

Loren and Eddie bond during video rehearsals, sparking jealousy in C..

S1E20 - The Songwriting C..

Loren finds her way to the club and takes the stage to perform; Chlo..

S1E18 - The Announcement

Eddie and Chloe make a big announcement. Loren nervously prepares fo..

S1E16 - Loren's Stage Fri..

Loren is added as a finalist in the competition; Eddie warns Tyler t..

S1E15 - Loren's Song

Max hears Loren's song and brings it to Eddie's attention.

S1E14 - Chloe Finally Get..

Loren may get a second chance at the contest. Meanwhile, things are ..

S1E13 - Loren's Proven In..

Chloe tells Eddie that Tyler's been stalking her to explain the phot..

S1E12 - The Incriminating..

Chloe claims Tyler is a stalker. Meanwhile, Loren gets out of troubl..

S1E11 - Loren Gets Framed

Chloe tells Eddie the photo he found was altered. Elsewhere, Adriana..

S1E10 - Eddie Questions H..

Loren's song-delivery plan gets derailed. Meanwhile, Eddie sees a sh..

S1E9 - Loren Doesn't Make..

Jake removes Loren's song from the list of finalists. Meanwhile, Lor..

S1E8 - Max Questions Chloe

Max grows distrustful of Chloe. Meanwhile, Tyler faces eviction; and..

S1E7 - Loren Has to Make ..

Loren's priorities shift after she's awarded a scholarship. Elsewher..

S1E6 - Loren Makes the To..

Loren's song advances in the contest. Meanwhile, Chloe hides a damag..

S1E5 - Eddie Decides to T..

Loren worries about her song entry, so Melissa and Nora work on lift..

S1E4 - Chloe's Secret

Melissa submits Loren's song into Eddie's contest. Elsewhere, Eddie ..

S1E3 - Eddie's Songwritin..

Tyler and Eddie quarrel about the past. Elsewhere, Melissa encourage..

S1E2 - Loren Catches Eddi..

Loren makes eye contact with Eddie while he's performing, and later ..

S1E1 - Meeting a Rockstar

Rock star Eddie Duran and girlfriend Chloe return to hometown LA for..