Good Luck Charlie


Good Luck Charlie is an original Disney Channel television sitcom, which premiered April 4, 2010. The series was created by Phil Baker and Drew Vaupen...
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S4E20 - Good Bye Charlie

Teddy leaves for college and shoots her final video for Charlie.


Gabe discovers that PJ has been living in the backyard tree house.

S4E18 - Bob's Beau-Be-Gone

Beau must make a tough decision after being offered a job in Tenness..

S4E16 - Bob's Beau-Be-Gone

Beau must make a tough decision after being offered a job in Tenness..

S4E15 - SisterSister

Teddy and Charlie devise a plan to make things right with Amy and he..

S4E14 - Fright Knight

Teddy and her friends go 'Halloween Caroling' to raise money for the..

S4E13 - Bug Prom

Bob and Amy attend a pest control association's annual dinner and da..

S4E12 - Teddy's Choice

Teddy invites her new boyfriend Beau to her 18th birthday party, but..

S4E11 - Teddy's Choice

Teddy invites her new boyfriend Beau to her 18th birthday party, but..

S4E10 - Teddy's New Beau

Beau gets Teddy to go to a country western hang out.

S4E9 - Futuredrama

Ten years in the future, 14 year-old Charlie watches a video diary t..

S4E8 - Charlie 4Toby 1

Amy goes all out for Charlie's birthday after discovering Deedee Doo..

S4E7 - Rat-A-Teddy

Teddy throws herself a slumber party to help forget Spencer; Amy man..

S4E6 - The Unusual Suspects

Teddy uncovers mysterious clues that lead her to suspect that someon..

S4E4 - Go Teddy!

Teddy tries out for the cheerleading squad when she learns of an upc..

S4E3 - Demolition Dabney

Amy films Teddy's alumni interview for her Yale application as part ..

S4E2 - Doppel Date

Teddy moves on and looks for a new guy who looks just like Spencer.

S4E1 - Duncan Dream House

The Duncan Family decides to build their dream house after the famil..

S3E21 - All Fall Down

Spencer gets the opportunity to start college in Boston a semester e..

S3E18 - Charlie Whisperer

Teddy persuades Ivy to cast Charlie in a play, but then Charlie refu..

S3E17 - Nurse Blankenhooper

Gabe worries his popularity at school will suffer a hit when his mom..

S3E16 - Guys & Dolls

Bob gives Spencer advice on how to handle an argument with Teddy; Am..

S3E15 - Le Halloween

A bat invades the Duncan house on Halloween; Teddy and Spencer celeb..

S3E14 - Team Mom

Amy invites some of Teddy's volleyball teammates to the house for a ..

S3E13 - Teddy and the Bam..

Amy's maternity leave ends, resulting in chaos at home due to the im..

S3E12 - T-Wrecks

Teddy gets too intense with her volleyball playing. Meanwhile, Bob f..

S3E11 - Baby Steps

Teddy tries to win over Spencer's mom; PJ and Emmett get an apartmen..

S3E10 - Wentz's Weather G..

Teddy and Ivy become waitresses at a weather-theme restaurant. Meanw..

S3E9 - Baby's First Vacat..

The family, minus a supposedly sick Teddy, take a vacation to a hous..

S3E8 - Welcome Home

Bob's mother arrives to help with baby Toby, but her efforts get on ..

S3E7 - Special Delivery

The Duncans prepare for the arrival of their newborn and for Charlie..

S3E6 - Name That Baby

The Duncans start considering names for their soon-to-be-born baby. ..

S3E5 - Catch Me if You Can

Teddy and Spencer perform in a musical at a local children's theater..

S3E4 - Dress Mess

Amy wants Teddy to wear her old prom dress, but Teddy isn't sure it'..

S3E3 - Amy Needs a Shower

Amy attends her baby shower, where Charlie reveals the surprising re..

S3E2 - Bad Luck Teddy

Everyone at school believes that Teddy is a jinx on Spencer; Gabe th..

S3E1 - Make Room for Baby

The third season begins with a pregnant Amy deciding that it's time ..

S2E31 - Teddy on Ice

Teddy visits Ivy at her family's lakeside cabin but discovers it's j..

S2E30 - It's a Charlie Du..

Cooking-challenged Amy prepares Thanksgiving dinner, much to the dis..

S2E29 - Story Time

Teddy and Amy each try to write a children's book after they meet a ..

S2E28 - Can You Keep a Se..

Everyone in the Duncan household tries to keep secrets from each oth..

S2E27 - Return to Super A..

The family take a trip to an amusement park, and Gabe and Amy are as..

S2E26 - Scary Had a Littl..

Teddy and Ivy trick-or-treat with Charlie on Halloween, but an annoy..


No description

S2E24 - Alley Oops

Teddy's friend wins an audition to sing the national anthem at a Den..

S2E23 - Ditch Day

Teddy tries to alter her goody-goody image at school by skipping cla..

S2E22 - The Bob Duncan Ex..

Gabe and a friend (Rico Rodriquez) start competing lemonade stands; ..

S2E21 - Termite Queen

Teddy goes with Bob to an exterminator convention, where she dresses..

S2E20 - Amazing Gracie

Teddy buys a used car from Ivy's dad, but it quickly gets wrecked; C..

S2E19 - Sun ShowPart 2

Conclusion. Teddy goes on a date with her surfing instructor when th..

S2E18 - Sun ShowPart 1

Part 1 of 2. The family take a vacation to Hawaii. While there, Tedd..

S2E17 - PJ in the City

Teddy applies an at-home tanner, but things go awry when Charlie get..

S2E16 - Monkey Business

Teddy loses a mom's earring while babysitting. Meanwhile, Bob thinks..

S2E15 - Bye Bye Video Diary

Teddy and Amy re-create Charlie's first 50 video diaries after Teddy..

S2E13 - Charlie Shakes It..

Teddy and Amy visit Chicago and appear on the dance show "Shake It U..

S2E12 - The Break Up

Teddy tries to break up with Derek, but he keeps doing nice things f..

S2E11 - Gabe's 12-1/2 Bir..

Gabe's 12th birthday party is forced indoors when a snowstorm hits. ..

S2E10 - Meet the Parents

Teddy and PJ pretend to be Gabe's parents in order to get him out of..

S2E9 - Teddy's Bear

Amy's attempt help Teddy with an unfair teacher only makes the situa..

S2E8 - The Singin' Dancin..

Amy deems the family unfit for the annual hospital gala; Teddy suspe..

S2E7 - Battle of the Bands

Teddy and P.J. joins forces in an effort to win the battle of the ba..

S2E6 - L.A.R.P. in the Park

Teddy discovers her new love interest is into L.A.R.P.; Amy pretends..

S2E5 - Duncan vs. Duncan

Teddy and P.J. try to get their parents to follow through on a plann..

S2E4 - Appy Days

Gabe blows Teddy and Ivy's scheme to get their parents to let them g..

S2E2 - Something's Fishy

Teddy is miserable after taking a job dressing as a sea creature.

S2E1 - Charlie is 2!

Teddy, PJ and Gabe get caught sneaking Charlie into The Gurgles sold..

S1E26 - Driving Mrs. Dabney

Teddy volunteers to drive Mrs. Dabney around to get more experience ..

S1E25 - Snow ShowPart 2

Still on their family ski trip, Teddy asks Ivy to come meet her.

S1E23 - Pushing Buttons

abe accuses Charlie of leaving the garage door open and allowing his..

S1E22 - Teddy Rebounds

When Gabe realizes he has little in common with his stuffy new neigh..

S1E21 - Teddy's Broken He..

After discovering that Spencer was dating them both, Teddy and Skyla..

S1E20 - Girl Bites Dog

Teddy feels bad that Charlie bit her boyfriend Spencer, so she decid..

S1E19 - Sleepless in Denver

Gabe has his first sleep over with friends.

S1E18 - Charlie In Charge

Gabe is left in charge of Charlie while working on a school project ..

S1E17 - The Kwikki Chick

Teddy lands a job where PJ works, much to his dismay; Bob tries to c..

S1E16 - Duncans Got Talent

Teddy tries to get someone to do a dance routine with her for a scho..

S1E15 - Charlie Goes Viral

Charlie becomes an Internet sensation when P.J. uploads a funny vide..

S1E14 - Blankie Go Bye-Bye

Teddy plans a surprise anniversary party for her parents, but things..

S1E13 - Teddy's Little He..

Teddy's Little Helper

S1E12 - Kit and Kaboodle

Teddy takes care of Mrs. Dabney's cat while she's away, but trouble ..

S1E11 - Boys Meet Girls

P.J. meets a cute girl at his new job, but Emmett gets jealous when ..

S1E10 - Take Mel Out to t..

Take Mel Out to the Ball Game

S1E7 - Butt-Dialing Duncans

Butt-Dialing Duncans

S1E4 - Double Whammy

Teddy becomes the school mascot; Charlie takes her first step.

S1E3 - The Curious Case o..

PJ and Gabe investigate their neighbor; Teddy is annoyed at Ivy.

S1E2 - Baby Come Back

When Bob has an accident, the kids must take care of him and Charlie..

S1E1 - Study Date

When Bob has an accident, the kids must take care of him and Charlie..