Duck Dynasty


Series introduces the Robertsons, a Louisiana bayou family living the American dream as they operate a thriving business while staying true to their family values and lifestyle...
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S11E16 - Looking Back and..

The Robertson family takes a look back at 130 episodes of Duck Dynas..

S11E15 - End of an Era

When Si decides to retire to pursue a music career, the family organ..

S11E14 - Dance Dads

Willie, Korie, Jase and Missy take dance lessons from Sadie to prepa..

S11E13 - Disappearing Acts

After Willie and Jase lose Si's tea cup, Si makes them go to great l..

S11E12 - Rowdy's Big Day

Rowdy's adoption is finalized and he officially becomes a Robertson...

S11E11 - The Campfire Dia..

The family spends a weekend at their childhood summer camp, reliving..

S11E10 - Carpnado

Jumping Asian carp have invaded Monroe's waters so Jase and the guys..

S11E9 - When Doves Fry

Jase and Jep make a deal with Mia and Merritt to get them to go dove..

S11E8 - Fishful Thinking

Jase's hopes to win the inaugural Duck Commander Fishing Tournament ..

S11E7 - Drive-In Revivin'

Korie challenges Willie to come up with a romantic gesture without s..

S11E6 - Sleep Cover

With Korie still in Africa, Willie and Jep must step in and supervis..

S11E4 - Uneasy Rider

Willie puts Little Will on a budget for his first car but it backfir..

S11E3 - Razing the Snakes

Jase, Jep, Si and Cole try to fight back a growing population of cot..

S11E2 - Automation Frustr..

Willie buys a 3D printer for the office that starts off as a fun dis..

S11E1 - The West Monroe W..

Willie and Jase run against each other to become president of their ..

S10E14 - Techs and Balances

Willie thinks his kids have been spending too much time on their pho..

S10E13 - Bro'd Trip

Jase accompanies Willie on a business trip to Arkansas to pitch a ne..

S10E12 - Here Comes the Son

After leaving school to pursue music, Jase feels that Reed needs som..

S10E11 - Whole Lotta Bull

The guys enjoy a one-day rodeo fantasy camp where they learn the ins..

S10E10 - Children of the ..

When the Robertson brothers debate which of their wives makes the be..

S10E9 - Sadie's Choice

Willie takes Sadie on a tour of a local college in hopes of convinci..

S10E8 - Bingo Star

Willie accompanies Kay to a local bingo tournament and gets seduced ..

S10E7 - There Will be Flood

When a large storm hits Monroe, most of the adults head to Phil and ..

S10E6 - Half in the Bag

After Si has started moonlighting as a grocery bagger, the guys show..

S10E5 - Wild Wild West Mo..

When Jase and Jep get into an argument over which of them is the rig..

S10E4 - Father Knows Pest

The tables are turned when the HOA comes to Jase for help to rid the..

S10E3 - A Decent Proposal

On a trip to New York, Jase's son Reed proposes to his girlfriend, w..

S10E2 - Statue of Imitati..

When Willie asks a local chainsaw artist to make him a statue, he ge..

S10E1 - Willie & Korie's ..

The Robertson family throws a party for Willie & Korie's 25th annive..

S9E11 - RV There Yet

Willie visits a friend in Nashville, Tenn.; new college students Joh..

S9E10 - Toad to Perdition

Willie and his brother compete against their wives in a "frogging" c..

S9E9 - Van He'llsing

Missy and Jase worry about their son's choices when he buys an old v..

S9E8 - Pie Hard

Willie and Alan help Miss Kay open a bakery, but things get complica..

S9E7 - Heroes Welcome

The team surprise two veterans with a trip to Monroe and stage a "co..

S9E6 - Renaissance Men

The guys throw a Renaissance Fair birthday party for Godwin and Jep ..

S9E5 - Alan in Charge

Willie hires his older brother Alan after the guys convince him it's..

S9E4 - Drone Survivor

Jep buys a drone copter to solve a bet between Jase and Phil about w..

S9E3 - Ball in the Family

Willie is challenged to a game of dodgeball by an old rival and Si t..

S9E2 - Flock and Key

Jep is locked in a storage container trying to help Si and Jase help..

S9E1 - Inlawful Entry

In the Season 9 premiere, Missy's parents visit and her father goes ..

S8E9 - John Luke Gets Hit..

John Luke Robertson and Mary Kate McEacharn are followed as they mak..

S8E8 - Pit Perfect

When Duck Commander sponsors a NASCAR race, Jase and the guys attemp..

S8E7 - The Ducket List

After Uncle Si has a brush with death, he decides to create a bucket..

S8E6 - Bachelor Party Blo..

Martin's bachelor party celebration at a hunting cabin gets interest..

S8E5 - Pranks for Everyth..

Jokesters Willie, Jase and Jep help Alan at the church; Kay has a cl..

S8E4 - Wild Wild Pest

Jase and the guys remove pests from other people's property; Willie ..

S8E3 - Search N' Decoy

An argument over the best duck decoy leads to a bet between Phil and..

S8E2 - Induckpendence Day

A Fourth of July barbecue features a homemade fireworks display; and..

S8E1 - Grooming the Groom

In the Season 8 premiere, Willie and the guys take John Luke on a go..

S7E10 - Sweet Home Louisi..

Jessica and Jep move into their new home; the guys seek the perfect ..

S7E9 - Disco DucksMaster ..

Jase and the guys turn a pontoon into a floating duck blind; Kay tak..

S7E8 - Friday Afternoon L..

Lil' Will's football team challenges assistant coach Willie and the ..

S7E7 - Coop! There It Is!

The guys renovate Jep's old chicken coop; Uncle Si acts strangely af..

S7E6 - Mo MathMo Problems

Willie and Jase decide to test an old theory whether the latter can ..

S7E5 - The Cannonball Runs

Jase enters an outhouse race; Willie tries to create a tasty bologna..

S7E4 - A Home for the Hol..

The Robertsons help out the mother of a longtime employee at Christm..

S7E3 - Quack in the Saddle

Willie takes temporary ownership of a Thoroughbred; Kay seeks a new ..

S7E2 - A Home for the Hol..

Members of the Robertson family take over a local television show fo..

S7E1 - Quack in the Saddle

Willie goes on a business trip to Scotland in the Season 7 premiere...

S6E9 - Lake Boss

Phil and the grandchildren hunt for a racoon that has taken up shelt..

S6E8 - Return of the Beav..

Phil recruits Jase, Jep and Si for his latest beaver battle; Willie ..

S6E7 - Men vs. Wild

A survival race through the woods; in hopes of finding a new hobby, ..

S6E6 - De-Bug Life

An alligator moves into a duck blind; Si and Willie assist the child..

S6E5 - Brand of Brothers

Jase and the guys try to revamp the Duck Commander image; Phil helps..

S6E4 - Quackdraft

Willie and his brothers spend the day training with the West Monroe ..

S6E3 - Hands on a Woodchi..

Willie sponsors a radio contest. Elsewhere, Lily goes miniature golf..

S6E2 - Quack and Gown

Jase takes Reed frog hunting. Meanwhile, Korie, Jep, Jessica and Kay..

S6E1 - Governor's Travels

The Duck Commander crew prepares for an upcoming visit from Bobby Ji..

S5E10 - Stand by Mia

The Robertsons plan a family reunion to give Mia a grand send-off be..

S5E9 - The Big LeCOWski

Sadie spends a day at Duck Commander to learn how a successful compa..

S5E8 - Fowl Playhouse

Jase and the guys build a playhouse for Jep's children, but the fini..


Jase spends company funds on an all-terrain vehicle as a means of mo..


Willie and Jase organize a paintball competition to see which of the..


Willie and Jase compete to determine who can cook the better burger;..


The guys battle distractions as they attempt to complete an order be..

S5E3 - Life of Si

Uncle Si annoys the guys when he uses a digital camera to document a..

S5E2 - Willie's Number Two

Korie's job-seeking cousin, JD, tries to befriend the guys in the Du..

S5E1 & 2 - Boomerang Becca

Willie becomes concerned about Rebecca's future when she returns fro..

S4E11 - O Little Town of ..

The Robertsons perform a live nativity for their Church for Christma..

S4E10 - Quack O'Lanterns

The Robertsons host their church's annual trick-or-treat event at th..

S4E9 - Going Si-ral

Jase, Jep, Godwin and Martin help Si produce an instructional golf v..

S4E8 - Jerky Boys

The boys battle hornets, race motorcycles, throw knives, and attempt..

S4E7 - Scoot Along Si

Si tools around in a mobility scooter after claiming he was injured ..

S4E6 - John Luke After De..

Sadie and John Luke undergo dental work with sedation; Jase and Jep ..

S4E5 - Termite Be a Problem

The workers are forced to relocate to Godwin's house when termites i..

S4E4 - A-Jase-ent Living

Jase and the children stay with Willie and Korie while their home is..

S4E3 - Hot Tub Grime Mach..

The guys try to find a hot tub for Godwin; Phil and Kay pass a recip..

S4E2 - So You Think You C..

The guys and their wives coach Martin in romance for an upcoming date.

S4E1 - Till Duck Do Us Part

Uncle Si is enlisted to lead Phil and Kay on a walk down memory lane..

S3E13 - AlohaRobertsons!

Willie takes the entire clan on a trip to Hawaii to reward them for ..

S3E12 - Battle of the Bro..

Jase suspects that Willie is experiencing a midlife crisis, leading ..

S3E11 - Si-amese Twins

Willie's Saturday afternoon HR training seminar for the team proves ..

S3E10 - Bass Man Standing

The guys unveil a special wing of a sporting-goods store; Miss Kay t..

S3E9 - Ring Around the Re..

Si uses his metal detector to help Jase locate his lost wedding ring..

S3E8 - Duck Be a Lady

Willie takes Sadie dress shopping when he doesn't approve of her clo..

S3E7 - Ca-Si-No Night

Si uses his winnings in a company party to purchase a massage chair ..

S3E6 - Let’s Go Hunting..

Korie and Missy go hunting with Willie and Jase; Miss Kay and Si sea..

S3E5 - Hallu-Si-Nations

With Willie out-of-town, the guys decide to flake off work and leave..

S3E4 - Here LizardLizard

A pet lizard escapes in the warehouse; Willie and Si tag along with ..

S3E3 - Shot Thru the Heart

The guys help John Luke through a breakup; Phil and Kay have their p..

S3E2 - Can't Hardly Weight

Jase and Korie try to help Willie lose weight; Si searches for a dog.

Duck SEve

The guys go camping and Phil looks for love from Miss Kay in the Sea..

S2E13 - I'm Dreaming of a..

Si crashes a church party; Phil and Miss Kay host a holiday get-toge..

S2E12 - Of Mattresses and..

The guys visit a doughnut shop; Si wins a new camper; and Willie sho..

S2E11 - Of Mattresses and..

The guys visit a doughnut shop; Si wins a new camper; and Willie sho..

S2E10 - Of Mattresses and..

The guys visit a doughnut shop; Si wins a new camper; and Willie sho..

S2E9 - Of Mattresses and ..

The guys visit a doughnut shop; Si wins a new camper; and Willie sho..

S2E8 - Good MorningWest M..

Willie hosts a radio show; Jase is fined by his homeowner association.

S2E7 - Good MorningWest M..

Willie hosts a radio show; Jase is fined by his homeowner association.

S2E6 - Fowl Play

Jase breaks into Willie's office, prompting Willie to install a surv..


No description

S2E4 - Truck Commander

The guys visit a lake to cool off after the Duck Commander warehouse..

S2E3 - The Grass & the Fu..

The guys are challenged to a lawn-mower race. Meanwhile, Phil builds..

S2E2 - Driving Miss Sadie

With Sadie's (Willie's daughter) driver's license test fast approach..


No description

S1E15 - Willie Stay or Wi..

In the first-season finale, the Duck Commander employees head out on..

S1E14 - WinnerWinner Turk..

The Robertson men and women compete in a turkey cook-off.

S1E13 - Redneck Roadtrip

Jase heads out on a road trip with Si, Martin and Jep in the Duck Co..

S1E12 - Fishin' for Busin..

Willie and Jase compete against each other in a fishing challenge. M..

S1E11 - Daddy's Got a Gun

Willie instills preemptive fear into his daughter Sadie's new boyfri..

S1E10 - Sauvignon Beard

Willie buys a vineyard in an effort to expand the Duck Commander bra..

S1E9 - Plan Bee

The boys discover a beehive while hunting and decide to capture it; ..

S1E8 - A Big Duck-ing Call

Duck Commander's 40-year anniversary is celebrated; Willie construct..

S1E7 - Leave It to Beavers

Phil and the boys hunt a beaver that has damaged a duck blind. Meanw..

S1E6 - Too Close for Comf..

Jase decides to build a new office against Willie's orders. Meanwhil..

S1E5 - Redneck Logic

Season 1, Episode 5 - Redneck Logic

S1E4 - Frog in One

Phil and Si are guests at a kids' career-day event, where they deliv..

S1E3 - High Tech Redneck

The guys attempt to construct a conveyor belt so they can fill their..

S1E2 - CEO for a Day

Jase is CEO for a day, and he initially slacks off until he becomes ..


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