An unpopular 15 year old gains immediate, yet unwanted, popularity at her high school when the student body mistakes an accident she has for a suicide attempt.
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S5E24 - Happy Campers. Ha..

Jenna has to choose between an important SCU event and her camp reun..

S5E23 - Second Chances

Luke helps Jenna land an important meeting at SCU. Tamara finally ad..

S5E21 - Living in Sin

Jenna takes things with Luke to the next level; Tamara's debt comes ..

S5E18 - Digging Deep

Jenna and Matty continue to rekindle their friendship while they thr..

S5E17 - Fireworks

Jake secures shifts for Jenna and Tamara at the country club; Sully'..

S5E16 - Best Friends for ..

In an attempt to make Idea Bin a friendlier place for herself, Jenna..

S5E13 - I'm the Kind of G..

Jenna is on top of the world when she gets home from her freshman ye..

S5E12 - Holding On and Le..

Everyone wants the last night of high school to be memorable.

S5E11 - The Graduates

Sadie is forbidden from walking at graduation.

S5E10 - Reality Does Not ..

The prom takes unexpected turns.

S5E9 - Say No to the Dress

Jenna must overcome many obstacles in order to have a dream prom.

S5E8 - An Indecent Prompo..

Jenna receives surprising news during prom season.

S5E7 - The Big Reveal

Jenna wants to tell Matty the truth.

S5E6 - Don't Dream It's O..

Tamara accuses Jenna of sabotaging relationships, so Jenna confronts..

S5E5 - The Disengagement ..

Jenna is forced to throw Tamara a party for her fake engagement; Gab..


No description

S5E3 - Jenna in Wonderland

Jenna gets a taste of popularity while Matty struggles with being sh..

S5E2 - Short Circuit Party

Jenna causes an accident at school; and Matty deals with the afterma..

S5E1 - Prank Amateurs

In the Season 5 premiere, senior pranks cause chaos; and Jenna's vow..

S4E21 - Sprang BreakPart 2

Sex, secrets and shenanigans occur at Ally's rental beach house in R..

S4E20 - Sprang BreakPart 2

The students enjoy spring break at Ally's rental beach house in Rosa..

S4E19 - Over the Hump

The stress of college applications and boy-related drama plagues Jen..

S4E18 - Girl Rules

Jenna is at odds with Matty's girlfriend on his 18th birthday; Sadie..

S4E17 - The New Sex Deal

After the battle of the sexes, the Valentine's Day prospects are dim.

S4E16 - Hashtag Drama

The battle of the sexes erupts again; Tamara and Jenna's "Dude Datab..

S4E15 - Bonfire of the Va..

Things get crazy at the senior bonfire; Jenna and Tamara announce th..

S4E14 - Welcome to Hell

Jenna heads for a meltdown after receiving a rejection; "Hell Tent."

S4E13 - Auld Lang Party

Although Jenna wants to have a quiet New Year's Eve, plans go awry a..

S4E12 - Finals

Jenna tried to focus on her finals after the senior trip, but afters..

S4E10 & 11 - Snow Job

At the senior ski trip, rivalries and romances culminate.

S4E9 - My Personal Statem..

Jenna and Tamara view the possibility of separate futures; Eva plots..

S4E8 - Prison Breaks

Jenna decides to visit Luke at college; Matty and Jake spend a night..

S4E7 - After Hours

An amicable group outing devolves; Jenna realizes that she might sti..

S4E6 - Crowning Moments

Jenna has a college romance while managing a male beauty pageant.

S4E5 - Overnight

Jenna and Tamara go on an overnight visit to a college; Matty has a ..

S4E4 - Sophmore Sluts

Rivals emerge for Jenna and Tamara.

S4E3 - Touched by an Angel

Jenna and Matty try stay friends and have sex, but Jenna find the ar..

S4E2 - Listen to This

Jenna tries to communicate with a distant Matty; Tamara questions Ja..

S4E1 - No Woman Is an Isl..

Jenna is humiliated in school and at home in the Season 4 premiere.

S3E21 - No Woman Is an Is..

Jenna is humiliated in school and at home in the Season 4 premiere.

S3E20 - Who I Want to Be

Jenna ponders who she wants to be.

S3E19 - Karmic Relief

Jenna wants to start making amends and reunite with Matty by getting..

S3E18 - Old Jenna

With Jenna back on good terms with her girlfriends, she believes she..

S3E17 - The Campaign Fail

Jenna seeks forgiveness from her friends and family.

S3E16 - Less Than Hero

Jenna has a night on the town to blow off steam, but ends up needing..

S3E15 & 16 - A Very Speci..

Mr. Hart's class writes and produces an after-school special.

S3E14 - The Bad Seed

After giving up Tamara and Ming, Jenna finds herself in a sticky sit..

S3E13 - Taking Sides

Jenna takes drastic measures against her friends.

S3E12 - And Then What Hap..

Friends try to reconstruct what happened at the surprise party.

S3E11 - Surprise!

After making out with Collin, Jenna does not want Matty to learn of ..

S3E10 - Redefining Jenna

Collin invites Jenna to a photography showcase at his house, causing..

S3E9 - Reality Check

Jenna thinks about Collin and what it means to have a crush as well ..

S3E8 - Rubbed Raw and Ree..

Jenna makes a disturbing revelation about herself.

S3E7 - Guilt Trippin'

Jenna recalls bad memories while attending a dance.

S3E6 - That Girl Strikes ..

The ghosts of Jenna's past reveal themselves on Halloween.

S3E5 - Indecent Exposure

Matty moves in with the Hamiltons; Jenna is overwhelmed by Matty's c..

S3E4 - Let's Talk About Sex

Jenna's father talks to Matty's parents about their children's relat..

S3E3 -A Little Less Conve..

Matty is distant after he finds out about Jenna's pregnancy scare an..

S3E2 - Responsibly Irresp..

A classmate's death prompts Jenna to be more reflective and responsi..

S3E1 - Cha-cha-cha-changes

Jenna looks ahead to life after high school in the Season 3 premiere.

S2E12 - The Other Shoe

Jenna prepares for her trip to Europe as her decision about the boys..

S2E11 - Once Upon a Blog

Jenna fictionalizes her blog in an attempt to change her fate.

S2E10 - Pick MeChoose MeL..

Jake and Matty demand answers from Jenna after reading her blog.

S2E9 - Homewrecker Hamilton

Jenna struggles with her complicated love life, and an unexpected te..

S2E8 - Time After Time

A series of badly timed revelations leave both Jenna and Jake devast..

S2E7 - Another One Bites ..

Jenna is determined to take her relationship with Jake to the next l..

S2E6 - What Comes First: ..

Still reeling from Jake's proclamation of love, Jenna considers slee..

S2E5 - My Love Is a Black..

As Valentine's Day approaches, Jenna and Tamara get jealous that the..

S2E4 - Are You There God?..

Jenna struggles with her parents' separation. Feeling responsible, s..

S2E3 - Three's a Crowd

Jenna tries to stay friends with Matty, but his nonstop flirting and..

S2E2 - SexLies and the Sa..

Jenna revels in her and Jake's official relationship status until sh..

S2E1 - Resolutions

It's the New Year and Jenna and Jake are invited to a party. Unfortu..

S2E00 - Dressing.Awkward

Dressing.Awkward, special

S1E11&12 - Fateful; I Am ..

It's time for winter formal, and Jenna hopes that Matty will ask her..

S1E10 - No Doubt

Matty asks Jenna out on their first official date, but a revelation ..

S1E9 - My Super Bitterswe..

Jenna turns 16, but her birthday celebration doesn't go as planned a..

S1E8 - The Adventures of ..

Jenna throws a wild bash, with help from her mom and her mom's best ..

S1E7 - Over My Dead Body

A mock DUI event is held at the school, and Jenna gets cast as the v..

S1E6 - Queen Bee-atches

Jenna mingles with the mean girls at an elite charity event. Later, ..

S1E5 - Jenna Lives

Jenna gets a strange stalker, and worries that her reputation is kee..

S1E4 - The Scarlet Eye

Tamara becomes happily involved in her first sex scandal after contr..

S1E3 - The Way We Weren't

Matt invites Jenna to a party, making her wonder if he's ready to ma..

S1E2 - Knocker Nightmare

Mean girls Sadie and Lissa snap a nude photo of Jenna in the girls' ..

S1E1 - Pilot

Jenna attracts the attention of the whole school when she shows up i..